African Communities Children with Mzuri Dance

Mzuri presentations focus on celebrating people’s individual expression and assist them in the process of coming together and sharing in each other’s abilities, differences, sameness to realise how working together with a common goal can actually create success, harmony and shared achievement.

Asanti Dance Theatre

Asanti Dance Theatre is a highly rhythmic and dynamic dance ensemble. They perform with captivating power, precision and energy, presenting an unforgettable experience of West African music, dance and culture fused with the contemporary influences of Australia.

Burundian Drummers

The heartbeat of Burundians resonates with the sound of the drum. The Burundian drums have made headlines in the world of cultural performances in Victoria, while Burundian drummers in Melbourne improved their skills through the many performances in different locations and this 10th of December they will perform in AMCF 2016.

Chaya Boutique Liputa

Bee Loko is the owner of Chaya Boutique Liputa – a brand named after her daughter Chaya, the source of her inspiration.

Her accessories are made to stand out. They are beautifully handcrafted with a touch of Africa. Chaya’s accessories varies from the bold African prints to beautiful South African beads and beaded artwork. A perfect mix of Chaya’s culture


DJ Wise King

Currently based in Melbourne, DJ Wise King has played gigs all across the city, Sydney, Brisbane and across other regional parts of Victoria. “Music has always been my passion from a very young age. It brings people from all backgrounds and cultures together and creates a significant atmosphere” – DJ Wise King

Daikarkel Vohn

Daikarkel is a gospel musician with more than 10 year into the musical environment.

Duale Design



Fatma Hussein

Fatma is a passionate activist as well as an intuitive woc (woman of colour) poet. She writes about mental health, self care and other interactions that stimulate the mind and encourage conversation. She has an active social media presence through her blog which launched in 2015 as a way to heal going through her mental health journey, and also as domination of progress. Fatma is very active on Instagram as an interactive way to connect with other writers and individuals going through their own mental health journeys. She is also an entrepreneur working on launching an organic skin care line in the near future. You can find her and her work on WordPress at TimaHussVlog, and on Instagram @timaseol.

Fiesta Kreol

Fiesta Kreol is a professional dance group who are proud to represent and showcase the cultures of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles through the dance of Sega. Fiesta Kreol aims to form a uniting Creole community deep in the heart of Melbourne as a part of keeping the traditions of our islands alive and so it may be passed on to future generations.

Fleurs Des Liles

Fleurs Des Liles is a professional Mauritian Sega group of dancers from Melbourne. They are very passionate about Mauritian culture that is why you will see them again performing in the AMCF 2016.

King Bell & Soukouss Ba Congo Performing Troupe

King Bell with his dynamic dance band “King Bell and Soukous Ba Congo” captures the audience with his passion and the visual excitement of the dance. The infectious rhythms range from exciting high energy dance to the slower and more sensual rumba rhythms of the traditional music and dance of Central Africa.

Lamine Sonko and The African Intelligence

African Intelligence is a 10 piece ensemble led by Senegalese singer/dancer Lamine Sonko, sharing with you a musical report from the roots of afrobeat, reggae and salsa. From funky baselines and swift guitar riffs to the smooth groove of a message with meaning, here is a band that has it all!

Ohafia/Igbo War dance

The Ohafia War Dance which is also performed to celebrate an individual’s achievement and is a popular war dance performed in several parts of Eastern Nigeria.


Ras Jahknow

Originating from the heart of Cape Verde West Africa, Ras Jahknow ushers an innovative reggae style drawing their worldly sound from a variety of countries including Ethiopia, Brazil, Malaysia, Mauritius, Tanzania and Australia.

RKM Global Fashion

RKM, the  label inspired by the designer’s name Rhoda Kate Mphande, is a brand with a style personified with a touch of heritage. Her idea is  to bring different cultures together on a global level, for better integration and cultural understanding through the avenue of fashion, from one generation to the next with a modern twist to her designs to fit in anyone’s closet, while maintaining the African identity.

Simba Mak

Slick like Harvey Specter but raps with the best of them, lawyer turned rapper, Simba Mak, traded his suit and tie for a life of beats and rhymes earlier this year. Based in Melbourne where he’s practised as a lawyer for over five years, Simba Mak is constantly show-bound and is fast becoming one of Australian hip hop’s finest emerging talents.

The Space Dance & Arts Centre

The Space Dance and Arts Centre is an exciting dance and arts centre featuring a variety dance and rehearsal studios, theatre, meeting room, gallery space and lounge. The Space has a range of dance classes for people of various dance abilities and interest levels as well as providing rehearsal and performance space for artists and producers.


Timomatic, has conquered many milestones through his multi-faceted career. From dancer to recording artist to attaining a Logie nomination as a TV personality. Timomatic has become a staple in the Australian entertainment industry, however it’s clear that this new chapter, which sees Timomatic step into his true role of singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur is where he is most comfortable.

Yaw Faso

Yaw Faso, an eclectic artiste hailing from Melbourne’s west. Not afraid to mash up and twist the soundscape, Yaw Faso fuses Afrobeat, Dancehall, Hip Hop and anything beat heavy. Holding it all together with lyricism and a trademark singing style.

Yusupha Ngum & the Affia Band

Colourful six-piece African fusion outfit, The AFFIA Band, is world-renowned Gambian singer/songwriter Yusupha Ngum’s newest creative undertaking.

Ror Da Poet

Ror Da Poet is a young rapper from Melbourne. In 2005, at the age of nine, Ror escaped war-torn South Sudan with his mother and siblings, immigrating to Australia via Egypt. But since starting a new life in Australia, he has found solace in his community and now shares his life’s story through hip hop.

Ror’s music speaks of the hardships and triumphs he experienced in his young life. His music is  Rap, R’n’B, Pop fusion that rolls through the soul and sends a beat to the heart.


Wani Le Frere

Wāni is a Congolese born, NZ raised and Melbourne based poet with a flare for spoken word. He uses his artistic abilities to serve as a platform in his commitment to the flourishing of life, telling of the untold, as well as the collective empowerment of those peoples too often marginalized and not often enough celebrated.

From hosting at Pan Afrikan Poets Café to headlining, creating and curating platforms for sold out events like Encre Noire, producing Sapologie at the Wyndham Cultural Centre and more recently producing and directing his first solo show at the Arts House wāni is slowly emerging as a very promising new artist.


Zimbabwe Community Language School

The Zimbabwe Community in Australia Vic association was formed in 2005 to serve the people with a Zimbabwean heritage or links and people with an interest about Zimbabwe. The ZimCommunity Language School was established in 2011 in order to teach Shona and Ndebele languages to members in Victoria.


Melbourne’s first Official Dancehall Crew Burn-City Queenz have been on fire burning up dancefloors at every Melbourne dancehall party since they first hit the stage in mid 2009.